Cashmere Cat – Wedding Bells


Holly Herndon – Chorus

On “Chorus”, Herndon sampled her daily internet browsing—YouTube, Skype, and other audio.


Danny Brown – Dope Song



Produced by Hudson Mohawke.


Pusha T – Suicide


SchoolBoy Q – Man Of The Year



Over the passed years I have (almost) turned into an authentic Genteneir. Its been over 10 years now since I first set foot in the city and I simply love it. Our little island in Flanders.

Couple of weeks ago some people announced their plan to make the most viewed epic movie about Ghent ever. Seems like a nice project that got off to a good start with some great footage of the city.

(Image by Jonathan Quique)


Breaker 1-9: put it on shuffle

Last year I somehow managed to create 4  playlists through winter, spring, summer & autumn. A habbit I won’t kick this year as I will remain collecting the stuff I happen to listen to and think deserves to make it on to the Breaker 1-9 list.

Where I used to create a new list every season I will now simply maintain a fixed playlist. It will receive regular updates with new tracks over several weeks and be  wiped clean every 3-4 weeks.

You’ll find this month’s playlist below. It is over 200 tracks long and growing almost daily. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe in order to see when it gets updated!


A montage

2013 calls for an instagram montage

Travelled quite a lot this year. Snowboarded through Austria. Weekend excursions to Lucca, Pisa & Amsterdam. Baguettes & petanque in the South of France. A needed summer vacation in Malta and a great trip to New York top it all off.

Some good parties were thrown and several great #jongtuig meet-ups in between starting Walkie Talkie with some great partners.

Ended the year with a great 28th birthday party and hearing that I’ll become a godfather in 2014. A montage.


Creole Cowboys

In this short documentary directed by Tabitha Denholm shines a light on Louisiana’s R&B-Infused Zydeco trail-riding culture. The film brings  a behind-the-curtain look at the way the good people of Louisiana — namely the outskirts of Lafayette — dance, sing, eat, drink and most importantly, ride. Imbued in tradition, we watch and learn what their culture means to them as proud American-born Creoles that don’t miss a beat each day.

“I loved the idea of going to massive parties on horseback,” says British director Tabitha Denholm. “Its word-of-mouth element reminded me of the early-90s raves in the UK—it is huge, but it’s outside of the mainstream media. You find out about events from flyers or from your mates.” Filmed in rural areas outside Lafayette over four days that included a raucous Labor Day weekender, Denholm’s short captures the fundamental relationship between horses and zydeco music and Louisiana’s Creole population. While Cajun grew from the white tradition in Southern Louisiana, zydeco evolved as a faster, more rhythm-driven incarnation of Creole or ‘la la’ music as it used to be called. Trail riding combines both riding and dancing elements, as groups of young and old set out through the countryside until they reach a designated party spot. Zydeco has always absorbed other types of music, and the scene has been reinvigorated by the influence of hip-hop and R&B. As loops and breaks have bolstered the traditional accordion and washboard, so a new audience has saddled up to find the party. “In New Orleans they told me, ‘The real action is in the countryside,’” says Denholm. “And it’s true. These dudes are so proud of their horses. They customize them, paint their hooves, plait their hair. They’re like mods with their scooters.”

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